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STATEMENT: Senate confirms Consumer Product Safety Commission nominee; agency now at full strength

American consumers will benefit from the wisdom of CPSC veteran Mary Boyle
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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which has been understaffed at its top level for eight months, finally has a full board of commissioners again. The U.S. Senate confirmed commission nominee Mary Boyle on Wednesday, nearly a year after she was nominated by President Biden, by a vote of 50-48. 

The CPSC is supposed to have five commissioners but has had only four since October, leaving it vulnerable to partisan gridlock or deadlocked votes for any reason. Boyle has worked for the CPSC for more than a decade and held two of the highest non-Senate-confirmed positions, executive director and general counsel

In response, Teresa Murray, Consumer Watchdog with the U.S. PIRG Education Fund, said:

“We trust that companies and regulators will make sure the products in our kitchens, on our playgrounds and in other parts of our everyday lives are safe. But way too many products pose a threat to Americans, and often those problems are hidden. The CPSC will protect consumers better with a full leadership team working to expose, prevent and eliminate the dangers, hopefully before people are injured or killed.

“After a decade in leadership positions at the agency, Mary Boyle knows consumer product safety and the CPSC as well as anyone. She can now work with the other commissioners on critical issues such as quick recalls of dangerous products; items that threaten babies and children; and counterfeit products, particularly those from overseas that don’t meet U.S. safety standards.

“Last year’s Senate confirmations of Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric and Commissioner Richard Trumka were important steps toward more consistent and reliable consumer protection. Boyle’s confirmation as the fifth commissioner is another significant win for consumers.” 



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